What we do: 

As a collective we develop a variety of  complex creative projects, working self-sufficiently and / or in dialogue with the client on all facets and through all stages of the development process.

We offer a variety of production work in the following areas:

3D full stack (modelling, sculpting, texturing, lighting, rendering)music video creation
video post-production 
concept art 
unity development 
cover art 
graphic design / illustration
sound design

We conduct skill&idea development workshops for art student groups or alike, and welcome participation in various collaborative projects.

Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your project.

Bcaa studio is part of BCAAsystem collective
“BCAAsystem is a polyfunctional collective existing on the frontiers of contemporary alternative music, art and theory. Our projects flow through categories – we are an art group – a music label – an AV studio – a DJ crew – and anything else we can or need to become. We operate irl and online; we fill and share space. We are based in Prague but fighting to break through all the strangling boundaries: Being part of the global soul, we belong anywhere and anyone belongs to us. #collectivity #community #non-genre #noborders.”
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